DNBi helps BAT daily in the management of their customer portfolio


British American Tobacco (BAT) sought a tool to monitor and lower their credit risk. They sought a solution that could satisfy the following needs:

  • Quick but thorough screening of potential new customers.
  • Permanent follow-up of their international customer portfolio.
  • Quick but accurate provision of the necessary reports.
  • All this via one platform, which can be used by different colleagues and within which information can be divided.

BAT chose DNBi in order to achieve their goals.


Advantages of DNBi

The advantages of DNBi are obvious to British American Tobacco.

BAT has access to the worldwide commercial data of D&B via this tool. The decision to chose D&B as the data provider was a very conscious one: the D&B information was thoroughly compared in different countries with data of strongly anchored local players. This study clearly showed that the D&B data was always at least just as good or in various cases even better than the data of the local players.

In addition to the quality data, the reporting functionalities of DNBi were also praised by BAT: at one glance the DNBi Dashboard gives BAT an overview of their customer portfolio and keeps them informed of any changes. This ensures that possible problems are spotted quickly and efficiently and that the necessary measures can be taken. Moreover, the possibility of obtaining lists from the customer portfolio via filters is satisfying: it enables BAT to quickly identify customers with certain characteristics. This functionality is used to identify companies with a low D&B Bankruptcy Score in order to follow them closely. No time is lost and there can be an immediate reaction as the lists from DNBi can be converted to an Excel file with one press on a button.

Furthermore, BAT uses the audit functionality of DNBi: a history of each decision is compiled via Snapshots, so that it can always be verified on the basis of what information a decision was made.
Last but not least, the fact that all users work on the same platform and share their information is very appreciated. The different users of BAT work on the same system, so that double work is avoided and each colleague is permanently kept informed of changes and shifts in the customer portfolio.


Cooperation with D&B

Thierry Maquet of British American Tobacco is very pleased about the cooperation with Dun & Bradstreet: “D&B scores highly, both in terms of expertise and service provision. The data of D&B is excellent. Their platforms are very user-friendly and their service provision is top quality. A D&B expert has taken the necessary time to start up DNBi and has shown our team the way in DNBi. We can also call on an excellent account manager who contacts us regularly to spot problems and who acts as the contact person if we experience problems ourselves. In short: BAT and D&B work extremely well together! ”


About British American Tobacco & Thierry Maquet

The British American Tobacco Group is the most international tobacco company in the world, known for example by their star brands Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Kent and Dunhill. For Western Europe some financial services are grouped in the BAT Coordination Centre (BATCC) in Brussels. The main tasks of BATCC are the follow-up of the payment of invoices of customers and the management of the credit risk. Thierry Maquet is the Credit Rating & Training Officer at BATCC and is part of the Credit Risk Management team.

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