More market insight and more golden leads thanks to Market Insight

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TNT Express achieved up to 10x higher conversion from ‘suspects’ to ‘prospects’ and enrichment of 60 to 80 percent of business data from the current worldwide customer database with the implementation of Dun & Bradstreet’s Market Insight, enabling them to work more efficiently and intelligently as a result.

TNT Express’s in-house systems were connected to the D&B database, which significantly increased the insight into current and new customers, and markets worldwide. Furthermore TNT Express refined their own processes. The use of Market Insight has been implemented worldwide as an integral part of the marketing and sales procedures.

Worldwide use of Market Insight has enabled them to achieve more synergy in the data and processes of the offices. The implementation of Market Insight is progressing well and has already been completed in 15 of the 22 ‘operating units’. This allows data analyses obtained from Market Insight to be used in over 37 countries. Laurens Liezenberg, Business Development Manager at TNT Express, is responsible for this international rollout.

TNT Express has been a customer of Dun & Bradstreet for over 10 years. “We were familiar with the possibilities of Market Insight”, explains Liezenberg. “We knew the application, but at that time we were still using a simpler GRS tool. However it was no longer adequate. To make our method more intelligent and more effective we decided just over a year ago to switch to Market Insight worldwide. We knew that Market Insight could help us to achieve greater insight into the international market and the potential opportunity available.”

More leads in a difficult economic climate
“In the Benelux we succeeded in generating a lot of new and - more important - good leads using Market Insight. Because this region is a mature market for us, we expected there to be hardly any potential for growth. That proved otherwise. By using Market Insight cleverly, we were able to generate ten times more new qualified leads than before. New opportunities were identified both with existing and new customers. We combine data from D&B with our own customer data. In this way we can for example see that there is a possibility to sell more services to existing customers. In addition, family structures are charted within Market Insight. Are parent or subsidiary companies already TNT Express customers in another country? That also creates opportunities for marketing and sales.”

TNT Express sees the benefits of Market Insight for its offices worldwide
“For example, the ease of global access to the D&B database, the current relevance of the data, the user-friendliness of the system and the option to combine internal and external data”, Liezenberg says. “That we quickly see the result of the tool also makes it an accessible system. The market potential becomes clear because we can link our own customer database to the D&B system. Are there lookalikes and is there still growth potential in the region or the sector? It also becomes clear whether there are still grounds for marketing and sales activities in the branch or the region.

Furthermore the system gives clever suggestions based on the variables selected. The algorithms work relatively intuitively in that regard. Something entirely new can suddenly come out of it. A company that would not have been included in previous market screenings but that does in another is very interesting.”

Quickly convinced by the result
Liezenberg is responsible for the international implementation of Market Insight. “Implementing the tool within the organisation was simple. Globally, the D&B database is accessible via an online portal. Harmonising the TNT IT systems and processes to Market Insight was a bigger challenge.
The fact that we were going to use a new system and revised processes sometimes met with some natural resistance. But that didn’t take long because it quickly became clear that the use of Market Insight combined with the new method results in more ‘golden’ leads: a higher conversion and therefore more customers.”

Future expectations
TNT Express and D&B have entered into a long term cooperation.
“At the moment we are introducing Market Insight and the revised method worldwide. In the future we hope to use more capabilities of the tool. If all the processes run well, we would like to see how we can use all the capabilities in the system for the benefit of our existing customer database and better screening, for instance by further expanding cross-selling and upselling. Furthermore we want to use the data from Market Insight for event-driven marketing and a customised marketing approach per customer. The effectiveness of our marketing approach may thus be increased even further.”

About TNT Express
TNT Express is a supplier of global courier and express services for the business market. Each week 75,000 members of staff transport 4.4 million express packages, documents and goods to over 200 countries via a global network. The company has the largest land and air infrastructure in Europe for delivering express services from door to door.

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