Market Insight Helps Fujitsu Deliver Sales Intelligence

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Fujitsu in the UK and Ireland is a major IT systems, services and products company employing 14,000 people with an annual revenue of £1.8 billion. Fujitsu is the largest Japanese employer in the region and works with public and private sector organisations, helping to keep customers’ ICT running smoothly and safely.

This ethos reflects Fujitsu’s vision; to harness the power of technology to create a more prosperous society, a human centric intelligent society.

The Fujitsu Sales teams wanted a more holistic view of new customer acquisition opportunities, including both cross-sell and up-sell situations. To achieve this, Fujitsu needed a more complete view of each customer organisation, with both data and intelligence aggregated together, and displayed in an easy to view, consolidated manner.

To achieve this single view of the customer, Fujitsu required data from a number of sources. Six different inputs were identified, including Fujitsu’s own data and intelligence from other information providers. To gain the most rounded view of each customer, Dun & Bradstreet business data was integrated into the data mix to deliver a complete dataset of potential UK customers.

How was this achieved? The existing customer base and associated feeds were extracted and matched using a proprietary matching process. DUNs numbers were added and the data then cleansed to provide a clean base level of data. This core work took an initial six weeks to bring all the data sources together.

Once this initial work was complete, the data was imported into the Dun & Bradstreet Market Insight tool. This enabled Fujitsu to link together the disparate sources using the DUNs number.
The consolidated view within the Market Insight tool enabled Fujitsu’s Market Intelligence team to configure specific sales reports detailing both financial and market information.

‘It was hard to get all the required data elements into an easy-to-view template previously’ said Jamie Whysall, Market Intelligence Manager at Fujitsu, ‘but by working with the Dun & Bradstreet consultants we were able to define the export data fields so that it could be easily extracted and then populated into a useable Excel output. The resulting report now provides an overview page on each specific customer plus the ability to look at groups of customers to inform business development efforts.'

‘This is a game changer for us – it made an impossible task easy. Through the support of the Dun & Bradstreet team and their toolset, the data processing has been relatively painless. A set of manual processes and disparate sources has effectively been turned into a repeatable process. Although our CRM system could provide some of this information it was just not possible to get such an integrated view’
, commented Beverley Dipper, Fujitsu’s Head of Market Intelligence.

‘This is the first step in utilising Dun and Bradstreet’s Market Insight tool. It is likely that we will integrate it with our CRM tool to incorporate this into a single view of the customer. Market Insight has a powerful set of analytical tools that can help us to understand our markets better, and we are expanding use of this tool to derive additional value elsewhere in our business’, said Beverley.

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