Global hotel chain work with D&B to build audience selection, pipeline management and market insight for their hospitality sector

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This Global hotel chain adds its own personality and personal tough to each of their luxury hotels. They have an ambition to become the best-managed hospitality company delivering an exemplary guest-centred experience in the industry.

As with most businesses demand generation is a critical element to this hotel chain, especially with the key focus on the hospitality sector; through their luxury brands. Also, internally their sales teams are responsible for both the cold prospecting and strategic sales process, so it is essential to optimise the time spent on the cold telemarketing element of their campaigns. To achieve this, a detailed profile and audience identification was needed, and although they had an understanding of their customers they did not have the internal tools or expertise to carry out the required analysis, and more importantly a source to be able to identify and then update prospect records directly into their CRM.

As part of the project the ability to suppress their existing managed accounts was also critical and using the DUNS number allowed them to do this once it was applied to their data, as well as identifying and suppressing from the campaign activity any other organization within the group, utilizing the D&B data linkage analysis.

They needed to be flexible with their approach, yet as streamlined as possible to make the best use of their budget. Therefore, it was identified early on in the process that a standalone data feed was impossible to manage, and a tool that enabled audience identification, segmentation, pipeline management along with updated data attributes was the most applicable.

The main objective of the project was to deliver the pipeline of three hundred and fifty thousand organisations that matched their criteria and were unique within their managed accounts. This is still underway, and the feedback so far is good as the process is helping sales be much more effective with their time, as the D&B product; Market Insight, allows the teams to make their own data selections from the pre-defined audience. In turn this is updated monthly with new organisations and contacts who fit the audience profile, so they never fall short of data to top-up the funnel. Then once a prospect becomes a customer the new Accounts are DUNS numbered to feed into the process, ensuring that the hotel chain has a single customer view.

The Chief Data Architect from this hotel chain, commented that although still early in the process, the business had already benefited from the deployment of the Market Insight tool. It has given them the ability to understand the family tree structure to exclude the managed accounts from the ongoing campaign activity, refreshing the information directly into, their CRM has saved the business time and money.

Market Insight tool and D&B data was a flexible solution that provided additional functionality that could be utilized over time as the client’s campaign activity matures.

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