DUNSRight™ process

Used globally, DUNSRight™ is the process in which data are collected, aggregated, edited and verified daily from thousands of sources.

The result is high-quality information which customers can use confidently as a basis for making important business decisions. D&B's ability to convert an enormous volume of data into reliable and consistent business information is what distinguishes D&B from its competitors.


How does the DUNSRight™ process work?

The basis of DUNSRight™ is Quality Assurance which includes more than 2,000 separate automated checks, as well as many manual checks, to ensure that D&B's data meet the highest quality requirements.DunsRight Proces

  1. Global Data Collection combines data from various sources worldwide.
  2. We integrate the data in our database through our patented Entity Matching, which produces a single, accurate picture of each company.
  3. We then apply the D-U-N-S® Number as a unique method of globally identifying and tracking a business through every stage of its existence.
  4. With Corporate Linkage customers have a complete picture of all the risks and opportunities in a corporate group structure.
  5. Finally, statistical analyses are used to calculate Predictive Indicators. These are used to estimate a business's future performance on the basis of the available information and its past performance.

What is the outcome of this comprehensive DUNSRight™ process? It provides high-quality business information embedded in the solutions that customers rely on from D&B.

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