Failure score

Foreseeing insolvency

The D&B Failure Score is a predictive indicator of business insolvencies. Using the D&B Failure Score, the D&B Rating's risk scale from 1 to 4 is enhanced to provide a scale from 1 to 100. The higher the D&B Failure Score, the more healthy the company's status and the less likely the company concerned might cease its activities within the coming 12 months. This Score makes risks visible, and is based on the largest possible amount of business information.


The score is extremely easy to interpret: a D&B Failure Score of 1 indicates that there is a relatively high likelihood that a company will be declared insolvent, whereas a Score of 100 indicates there is little likelihood of that happening.


The D&B Failure Score enables you to take objective and consistent credit decisions faster, limit your irrecoverable receivables, and improve the consistency of your credit policy. Thanks to its predictive strength the D&B Failure Score can play an important role in automated decisioning systems.

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