Business information reports

D&B business information reports help you to take day-to-day credit decisions, analyse a company's financial strength and discover commercial opportunities. The reports are presented online in the products DNBi and D&B Access for the Internet (DBAI).

D&B business information reports contain up to date information, collected from various data sources, and a translation into a clear risk assessment. What are the important elements in the reports?

The unique D&B information


The D-U-N-S® Number

The unique nine digit worldwide identification number of D&B for companies.


Payment score

An objective assessment of the speed at which a company pays their invoices, based on actual payment experiences of several companies.  

D&B Rating & Failure score

Based on an advanced statistical models companies are analyzed and classified according to their risk.


Data on directors

Through the cooperation with several collection companies, D&B has a large number of negative payment experiences that are important in determining the risk of failure.


Balance sheets 

In the reports you will find the balance sheets of the previous years. All the important financial ratio’s are presented in a clear overview.


D&B recommended Credit Limit

The Recommended Credit Limit shows the total value of goods and/or services the `average´creditor should have outstanding at any one time.

Corporate structure

Insight into the national and international family relations. Get knowledge about national and world wide parents, all subsidiaries, branches and letters of reliability.

Local and international

Besides information on Belgian companies you have access to the international database of D&B with more than 200 million records. Thanks to the international network you get the best quality based on local availability.


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