International data

D&B is unique in being able to deliver globally consistent and reliable international data.

Whether trading domestically or in overseas markets, the insight delivered via D&B Business Information Reports has helped thousands of customers successfully manage their risk for decades. The key building blocks of this insight are the data sets we capture for each business.

International consistency

Accessing business data is easier in some countries than others. For example, in Belgium there is the 'Kruispuntbank der Ondernemingen (KBO)', a central, independent repository for key business information – many countries do not operate such a central repository. D&B’s unique, local presence in countries around the world is the only way to ensure the complete, timely and accurate collection of sensitive trading information. However, local value requires a global vision. Domestic insight requires consistency for international decision makers to decide with confidence. For this reason, data and risk conclusions within D&B reports are always represented in the same logical and consistent manner – irrespective of the country within which the company is enquired upon and the variation of available data.


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