Payment score

Foreseeing your customers' payment behaviour.

The D&B Payment Score provides an objective assessment of the speed at which a company pays its invoices. Changes in payment behaviour are often one of the first signs of financial difficulties and are one of the most predictive components of insolvency.

The example below shows the predictiveness of payment behaviour. In april 2011 this company went bankrupt. Months earlier a detoriation of payment behaviour was visible in the D&B report.


D&B uses the Dun-Trade® Program to collect details of millions of payment experiences of companies annually, in order to analyse payment behaviour. The analysis results are shown in the D&B Payment Score, which indicates how quickly a company pays its invoices. Thousands of payment experiences are added to the databank every day. This enables the Payment Score to provide very up-to-date information on the payment behaviour of your customers and prospects.

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