D&B Rating

The score for predicting future liquidity problems.

The D&B Rating has long been recognised as the leading predictive indicator for evaluating business risks. The evaluations are based on the most comprehensive, up-to-date information. The D&B Rating converts all kinds of separate information into a clear appraisal of a company's performance. D&B examines the factors for each country which are most determining for risk evaluation and business insolvencies. The analytical method is universal, so, although determined on a country-specific basis, each D&B Rating is internationally comparable.

The predictive feature of the D&B Rating means that you receive a warning at an early stage in the event of possible liquidity problems. This enables you to take timely measures where necessary, and to adjust your terms and conditions to avoid financial losses.

The D&B Rating consists of two parts, namely the ‘financial strength’ code (based on net shareholders' equity) and the ‘Risk Factor’ to indicate the risk. 

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