Supply Management

I want to consolidate my supplier database

To identify consolidation opportunities in your supplier database, you need additional information and knowledge about your suppliers. As a result, you can make savings and can reduce the number of suppliers.

Discover saving opportunities

You can use D&B's comprehensive international database to enhance your supplier database with valuable information and get clarity about the suppliers you are doing business with. For example, globally you may be purchasing the same products or services from various suppliers. An insight into your suppliers' activities codes (SIC or Nacebel) could therefore reveal opportunities for consolidation. You may also have closed an agreement with several sister companies. In such cases the obvious step is to negotiate a framework agreement to reduce the number of suppliers and profit from economies of scale. Having an insight into corporate group structures provides a clear overview of what you spend in the entire family structure, throughout the corporate group. D&B's information will enable you to discover possible savings on your total spend and to create a central preferred-supplier purchasing database.


  • Cleansing

    The quality of data files in which several employees make changes soon deteriorates. Double entries occur or incomplete data are entered. As a result, you soon lose the overview.

  • Corporate group structure

    You can save on purchasing expenditure and reduce the number of suppliers by concluding framework agreements with parent companies.

  • Branche code

    Discovering that you use several suppliers for the same products or services offers opportunities to consolidate and benefit from economies of scale.

  • Enhancing

    Enhancing your data with information on the activities codes or corporate group structures provides you with a better insight into your supplier database and enables you to discover consolidation possibilities.

Dun & Bradstreet can help you with these products

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  • Portfolio Manager Supply

    Know who you are doing business with. D&B's Portfolio Manager Supply provides you with a direct insight into your most risky and your best suppliers!

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  • Data Manager

    Data Manager is a secure online portal enabling you to own the whole process of cleansing, identifying, enhancing, updating and analysing all your master data projects on customers, suppliers and business partners independent of volume.

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    Atlas Copco and D&B's Portfolio Manager Supply: a match made in heaven
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