How can I cost efficiently onboard clients with a greater confidence in accuracy?

Whether you are correctly categorising your risk, looking to drive a consistent approach to your Customer Due Diligence processes, managing tight deadlines from your end users, trying to obtain all the relevant content to make a decision or identifying and building complex ownership structures, the time and resource burden for AML/KYC compliance is significant.

Dun & Bradstreet have developed tools to support the cornerstones of onboarding and client intake. They enable business and individual verification, establishes principals of businesses around the globe and the business’s status and financial strength. Moreover, they enable you to find the direct and indirect beneficial owners of businesses – whether this is a corporate owner or natural persons.

Additionally, through our partner, the Regulatory Data Corp (RDC), we can support screening of businesses and individuals against Sanctions, PEP lists and adverse media.

By bringing together our global data and insight, with over 230m records updated 1.5 million times via over 30,000 sources a day, you can confidently manage your target entities, create a full audit trail and add notes and store this information for archiving and reporting.

By using Dun & Bradstreet to support the delivery of your compliance policy your business can:

  • Complete more of your AML/KYC/CDD checks online on a global scale
  • Be confident you are getting content that supports compliance with 3rd EU ML directive, FCPA, UK Bribery Act with the right data attributes in one place
  • Speed up and provide accurate reporting & archiving content for Business & People identification and verification
  • Complete more Customer Due Diligence in one place faster & with more accuracy
  • Speed up your on boarding process & facilitate your risk based approach with consistent data globally
  • Drive efficiencies and avoid duplication of effort & deliver cost savings through supplier rationalisation

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