Online access to reliable business information

DBAI gives you access to D&B's world wide database with information of over 200 million companies. The reports help you making your daily credit decisions, analyzing the financial strength of a company and discovering commercial opportunities.

For each credit decision you can consult an online credit report. These reports contain a number of objective indicators and several recommendations based on up to date information that we collect and store in our database on a daily basis. This enables you to take a well founded decision. The report contains for instance all financial data and information about activities, directors and company family structure. 

Depending the risk level of the transaction you can choose from three different kind of information reports in DBAI: a Comprehensive report, a Standard report and a Compact report.

Search in D&B's world wide database

Login to the DBAI portal and search for the company you would like to know more about. If requested you can monitor changes for this company. This means that you will be notified by mail in case of a change in the information we have, fo example a change in the risk level, credit limit or payment behaviour.  

Identification and summary

All crucial facts are displayed at one place in the report so you can see at a glance how the company is doing. From this section you can navigate to the details in the report by clicking on the hyperlinks.  

Founded risk assessment

Simple clear graphics enable you to assess the credit rating, score and payment behaviour of the business at a glance. The failure risk and payment behaviour is being compared to the national average an the branche average. A multiyear history of the failure score and the payment score is also displayed.

More information about this product?

If you would like further details, or wish to arrange an appointment to discuss which options might be interesting for you, please send us a message or call:

02 481 82 00

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    The completeness and quality of thye D&B data is unique
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    D&B helps Xerox reducing risks
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    Bespoke credit solution balances risk and service
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Customer reviews

  • We know our customers better than ever.

    Marco Meijboom,­ Xerox Financial Services B.V.

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