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Customer reviews

  • D&B contributed to a reduction of our bad debts with 60 percent.

    Michael van der Steen, Credit Manager Akzo Nobel
  • We know our customers better than ever.

    Marco Meijboom,­ Xerox Financial Services B.V.
  • Thanks to Portfolio Manager we have hardly any bad debts!

    Credit Risk Manager EMEA Belden Europe
  • D&B scores high both in terms of service and expertise!

    Thierry Maquet, Credit Rating and Training Officer British American Tobacco
  • At a time when up to 14 construction companies a day were declaring themselves insolvent, not one of the thousand-plus firms we have contracted has gone bankrupt. This success highlights how the financial model we have developed using D&B data has held up.

    Head of supply chain management, London Construction Project

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