Scoring cases

Our Scoring case studies demonstrate the power of D&B's predictive indicators, ratings and monitoring service providing early warning signs the business was heading for failure.

D&B collects, aggregates and monitors numerous sources of information. Through trade payment programs, several legal events, background of directors, collection of financial accounts and many more, an accurate and predictive assessment can be made on an individual company's likelihood to fail.

D&B's predictive indicators provide clear and simple snapshots of a company's risk profile. Through D&B's ratings and indicative scores, customers are able to 'Decide with Confidence'.

D&B's predictive indicators provide customers with accurate and timely information that a company may be heading for failure. Through D&B's monitoring service, all key changes to a company's risk profile are sent via alerts enabling customers to take precautions. 

Insolvency Event

Company Name

Date of event


Bankruptcy Oxalis Vorden B.V.

Ceased trading on 6th of January 2015.

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Bankruptcy Bull & Birds Retail B.V.

Ceased trading on 24th of December 2014.

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Failure on Creditors Petition

Euphony Benelux N.V.

Ceased trading on 3rd of April 2014. 

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